Ditzy Doe is the musical alias of artist and musician, SLUGGJELLY. In spite of what the name implies, they are of ambiguous gender. They are a purple deer, although the exact species is also ambiguous, as they possess some characteristics of caribou, white-tailed deer, and shika deer. They primarily produce music reminiscent of Oldschool Jungle or Drum and Bass, as well as Experimental.

Origin Edit

Ditzy Doe began as no more than a DeviantART username circa September 2013, as "Ditzy-Doe". The user's mascot/fursona was officially first created April 2, 2014, and the username Ditzy-Doe was subsequently repurposed as the name for the mascot. Ditzy Doe joined the AUDMONSTERS roster in the summer of 2015, and made their debut in the compilation album, Rascal Beach. Ditzy-Doe was officially abandoned as a primary username on November 3, 2015, and was later replaced with "SLUGGJELLY". Ditzy has gradually gone through many changes since their initial conception in 2014, reflecting their creator.

Discography Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ditzy Doe has a SoundCloud under the same name
  • They also have a Bandcamp, called Pastel Purple, where their first works and miscellaneous projects can be found.
  • Tracks from their 2014 album, Shift, comprised the majority of tracks used in their AUDMONSTERS application form.

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