Grillby's Jukebox is a 12-track free album comprised of remixes of the Undertale OST by Toby Fox.

Description Edit

They're monsters, WE'RE monsters, so it just makes sense! Having come to love Toby Fox's latest masterpiece "UNDERTALE", the auddities have elected to show their adoration by adding a few of our own remixes to Grillby's Jukebox! So grab a bev, a burg, maybe some fries, and chill out with both of our families for a good ol' fashion musical trip down memory lane! Also support Toby Fox by purchasing the original soundtrack and game!

Track Listing Edit

  1. Bwarch - Somebody Ought to Teach You How Things Work Around Here
  2. Sgt-Whip - Snowdin (Remix)
  3. Mazza - It's Raining Somewhere Else (Cover)
  4. Ivy Hollivana - Undertale (Vocal Remix)
  5. Endlyng - CORE (Remix)
  6. Bwarch - Spear of Justice (Cover)
  7. Sgt-Whip - MTT Hotel Bedroom (Remix)
  8. Mynt & Sinyk - Napstablook - Spooktune (Spookcore Remix)
  9. Ivy Hollivana - ASGORE (Vocal Remix)
  10. Whitetail - Dark Dances and Broken Families
  11. Mazza - Hopes and Dreams & His Theme & SAVE the World & Last Goodbye (Remix)
  12. JAMES ♥ - Undertale (Remix)