Rascal Beach is a 15-track collaboration album with the theme of summer, and second collaboration album overall.

Description Edit

The AUDMONSTERS welcome you to Rascal Beach, where the waves are choice and monsters rejoice! Bask on the sun-kissed shores with our high-energy tracks, explore the dense rascal groves through our intense ballads, or take a break as the sun sets with a vibey tune. Whatever you're listening to, we hope you have a great vacation with us at Rascal Beach!

Track Listing Edit

  1. Milk Puzzle - Intro
  2. Mazza - Lamplit Downpour
  3. Milk Puzzle - Sunset Gradient
  4. JellyBear - Red
  5. Ditzy Doe - Summer Night
  6. Nayte The Hermit - Early Morning Coffee
  7. bあshful - Popsicle Jokes
  8. K.O. - This Is It
  9. Us and Dusk - Nick Jones
  10. Sgt-Whip - Summer Invasion (Robots ReInVIGORATE)
  11. Whitetail - Electric Dreams
  12. Dwn Cx - Real Outer World
  13. Silque Shadow - What Up
  14. Sinyk - Kon
  15. Trent Sinclaire - NEVER MET ANOTHER LIKE U