Scream Radio is a 14-track collaboration album with the theme of Halloween, and fourth collaboration album overall.

Description Edit

This just in, the monsters are back and are more terrifying than ever in the latest installment of our now annual Halloween compilation! Scream Radio features more haunts than you can handle, from wild creatures to spooky shrubbery. Can you handle these signals, or will you chicken out and change the dial?

Track Listing Edit

  1. Niion - Nightmare Bossfight
  2. Ditzy Doe - Horror Flick
  3. Milk Puzzle - Knots (Mazza Remix)
  4. Mynt & The Newt One - The Zoo
  5. Sinyk & Julius the Robot - Lonely Ghost
  6. Kitty Boost - Halo Kit
  7. JAMES ♥ - Hey Isaac
  8. Kurorak - l'apathie et l'indifférence
  9. Polistae - K.K. D&B ('95 Dubplate Mix)
  10. Endlyng - Creature Feature
  11. Nayte the Hermit - Beware of the Trees
  12. Silque Shadow - Jahbulon
  13. Dwn Cx - Ssunlight