Spooky Sandcastles is a 12-track collaboration album with the theme of summer.

Description Edit

Rascal Beach has recently extended its landscape, and the monsters of AUD have a few devious ideas for what to do with all that Spooky Sandcastles of course! Or maybe go swimming with all that new water, or perhaps spike a few volleyballs into each others' faces! Who knows what silly shenanigans we'll get up to in this, our newest summer compilation!

Track List Edit

  1. Endlyng - Wild World
  2. 4lung - Lil Dummy Dirtpaws
  3. Nayte the Hermit - The Good Ol' Radio Days
  4. Kinesthetiac - Oceans
  5. Dubzy - Carbunkle Accidentally Swallows a Puyo
  6. bahshful - grubslaw
  7. Training Montage - Splashthrash
  8. Sgt-Whip - Tale of the Sirens
  9. Kurorak - Summer Rave !!!
  10. Mazza - Scorching
  11. JAMES ♥ - It's Over Now
  12. Sinyk - Waveshine